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    Stuff to indulge your Broadway nerd'ism and show your Thespian pride! 

    Founded in Portland, Oregon, Thespian Swag is run by a passionate group of actors and Broadway enthusiasts. Being a 'Theatre Kid' is a special thing, and we wanted more ways to show our pride.

    Our idea was to create fun and unique 'Swag' that identifies us with this amazing theatrical community. Thus, Thespian Swag was born. 


    1. Create a fun (and sometimes funny) way for thespians to show their pride and share in community together.
    2. Provide amazing products and outstanding customer service.
    3. Support, encourage, love and respect our customers, employees & theatre community.


    Hey, Ben here... just your standard Theatre Kid.

    My wife Brittney and I were both involved in theatre growing up, heck, we even met doing Seussical the Musical together :)

    In High School I struggled to find my place, that is until I took my first drama class. I felt utterly comfortable and genuinely home in the theatre. Thespians are a special group, and we have a common bond no matter where we come from.

    Since High School, I have been involved with theatre as an actor, musician, investor & producer.

    I even worked on Broadway and helped produce Daddy Long Legs

    Starting Thespian Swag was a way for us to share in that bond by wearing your pride, literally on your sleeve.